The History

Sandrine goes piano but sano, preferring to go step by step without haste. All her vintages have the particularity of having a name that comes from the musical vocabulary, because wine is a sparkling music. She played the piano for a long time before continuing her musical experience in champagne. Because a great challenge awaited her: the family vineyard and the very young brand created by her father Bernard in 1970, when he emancipated himself from the cooperative to fly on his own wings. The adventure began humbly with the few family plots of land located on the "terroir de cœur", Mancy - a charming little village where Sandrine was born and lives - enriched with those of Vitry en Perthois located on the slopes of the Vitryat.
Sandrine started working with her father in 1988. She liked the complementarity between the two terroirs that Bernard worked on. 

Before her, her father had made a risky gamble: that of settling on an experimental and pioneering land, because at the time, Vitry's land was allocated for 30 years. At the end of this period, if the result had been inconclusive, everything would have had to be torn up. This was the clause of the contract, the risk to be taken to be entitled to a small part of the dream: to cultivate the land of Champagne. Few dared, he did, the first to plant in these Champagne hillsides, 5 hectares from 1971 to 1974. Long and laborious days. Time proved him right as this Chardonnay terroir is now well known. 

In 1994, Sandrine created her first cuvée, obviously blending Mancy and Vitry chardonnay to obtain an atypical Blanc de blancs and the first Domaine B Girardin champagne with a musical consonance: the Vibrato.  

Of the two original Brut, she kept only one, a champagne she named Appoggiature, a dashing and light-hearted introduction to her range.


The estate's first vintage was made in 1998, a fine year to begin the line of Point d'Orgue wines, in which the most beautiful blend of wines from a single year's harvest can be seen.


The latest champagne is a very rare - even unique! - sweet: the Rubato. Not half a dry wine, but a sweet champagne, as it was in the past, during the heyday of the Champagne region and its great conquerors, who set out to conquer the world. Rubato was introduced in 2012. It is a champagne on its own, "which assumes with panache its 120 grams and brilliantly displays the unprecedented and perfect balance between wine and sugar". 

Between the chardonnay, the miller and the small touch of pinot noir from Mareuil sur Ay, Sandrine has gradually made its ranges. "Champagne is a music". A timeless music, which leads to exchange, sharing, depth. Something that sounds like happiness... 


Champagne grower, and proud of it!



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51530 Mancy


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