Point d'Orgue 2008

The function of the Point d'Orgue is to extend the duration of a note figure, thus creating a temporary suspension of tempo. The term itself refers to the ability of the musical instrument to hold a note without a time limit.

The Piano is the winegrower's instrument. According to her interpretation of the melody of the vine, she plays a Point d'Orgue on this year. 

A true partition, this vintage is complex and curious. 


It presents on the nose aromas of lavender, candied citrus fruit, orange, cinnamon, followed by a surprisingly fresh and airy mouth, which densifies and shows its character as the note goes on ...

The Point d'Orgue, 2008 harvest only, is composed of half Chardonnay along with 40% Pinot Meunier and a touch of Pinot Noir (10%).


Vinification :

Degree: 12.00% alc.

Dosage: 3 g/l

Aging on slats: more than 48 months   

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