Rubato, in Italian "stolen", indicates an expression, commanding to accelerate musical notes of the melody or to slow down others. These speed variations are applied according to the inspiration of the performer. The melody then seems to be held in suspension, and this effect, when rendered with taste, contributes to the expression ...


The Bass, symbol of the Rubato vintage, was at the time of Bach and Handel the rigid instrument on which the singers practiced rubato...


The Rubato cuvée is the result of this encounter between a wine that beats the measure and a winemaker who interprets it.

Extremely fine, almost immobile bubbles, a syrupy and vibrant mouth, notes of quince and mirabelle plums: a paradoxical champagne whose rhythm is given by the freshness of the grapes and the sweetness imposed by the winemaker.



Champagne Rubato thus opens the field of gastronomic possibilities: as an aperitif with a slice of lemon, on a pan-fried foie gras or on a tarte tatin...

The chords are in tune with the changes in rhythm!


The Rubato is composed of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Meunier from the 2012 harvest in majority.


Vinification :

Degree: 11.20% alc.

Dosage: 120 g/l

Aging on slats: more than 60 months

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