Vibrato is a periodic modulation of the sound of a musical note. This modulation depends on the nature of the instrument and the technique used by the musician. Like all nuance effects, vibrato brings a particular expressivity...

The Saxophone, symbol of the Vibrato vintage, is preferred to the guitar to which the vibrato effect is readily associated. The reason comes simply from the origin of the instrument's sound: the mouth, where the Vibrato vintage fully blossoms!

Vibrato, a prestigious champagne, is a vintage Blanc de Blancs whose vibrant notes acquire their nuances in the Chardonnay harvest from two opposite terroirs: Mancy and Vitry-en-Perthois. The first brings freshness and the second exoticism.


The nose, discreet, opens on notes of yellow fruit such as peach, apricot, quince.

The mouth, original, is at the same time powerful and round, lively and greedy, sprinkled with lemon and blood orange notes.


The Vibrato is the finishing touch to your most beautiful occasions. It can be served as an aperitif with foie gras, smoked salmon or caramelized lacquered duck.


It is a vintage Blanc de Blancs, it is therefore composed entirely of Chardonnay from the 2008 harvest.


Vinification :

Degree: 12.00% alc.

Dosage: 3 g/l

Aging on slat: more than 48 months   

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Appoggiature Champagne Domaine B.Girardin Mancy

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Appoggiature Champagne Domaine B.Girardin Mancy


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