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Sandrine Girardin

Independant Wine Grower

When the vines are asleep,
Sandrine plays the piano.
When the wine ferments,
 she listens to him beat the beat.


Music and Champagne
then become one.


An estate around two passions, Champagne and Music

The universe of the B.Girardin estate takes its inspiration from Music:


Our logo is inspired by the F-clef

A creation of partition to play with our range of champagnes...

A musical term names each cuvee of the Domaine
A musical instrument symbolizes it

This analogy takes on its full sense in the meaning of the terms chosen.

Les cuvées Domaine B.Girardin - Appoggiature, Point d'Orgue, Vibrato, Rubato, Musique, Piano, Champagne

Independent Wine Grower

Our champagnes are created
with the grapes of our property,
vinified and preserved in our cellars

Respectful of its terroir

We are certified
High Value Environment - level 3



Our Signature

Appoggiature Champagne Domaine B.Girardin Mancy


The Blanc de Blancs

Vibrato Champagne Domaine B.Girardin Mancy

Point d'Orgue

The Great Year 2008

Point d'Orgue 2008 Champagne Domaine B.Girardin Mancy


The Imposed Sweetness

Rubato Champagne Domaine B.Girardin Mancy

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