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Domaine B. Girardin is a family estate where the 2nd and 3rd generation of winemakers work four-handed.

As an independent winemaker, we do everything ourselves. All our champagnes are made entirely from grapes grown in our own vineyards, which we cultivate, press and then vinify in our winery in Mancy.

We are lucky enough to grow our vines on two very distinct terroirs:

Coteaux Sud d'Épernay and Vitryat.
Each of them has very different characteristics, giving us a wide range of blending possibilities!

Carte du vignoble champenois. Terroir des Coteaux Sud d'Épernay et du Vitryat
Logo Vigneron Indépendant

A story that began in the 70s with my father Bernard Girardin

The work in the Vines

Logo Haute Valeur Environnementale


We use sustainable agriculture with HVE certification.


Illustration Enjambeur

Soil preparation

Most of the soil on our plots is worked by tractor.

Arbre de Vie

Organic treatment test

We are testing organic treatments with biodynamic applications on a plot like 500 and 501.

Cuverie Inox avec fûts Champagne B.Girardin



All our grapes are pressed on the estate in our pneumatic press.

Fermentation with indigenous yeasts

Vinification in stainless tank since 2008


Vinification in oak barrels and amphorae without any input since the 2022 harvest

Illustration bouteille Champagne

Long ageing on lath

Chai à barrique Champagne B.Girardin

Les champagnes B.Girardin

Cuvée Appoggiature Champagne Brut Sans Année DomaineB.Girardin


Brut sans Année

Appoggiature is an ornament used to delay the next note on which emphasis is desired.

Appoggiature sums up the universe of our champagnes: assertive olfactory expressions. A palate in perfect harmony with the nose. Taste sensations that continue with round, long, structured notes.

Aromas of vine flowers, white-fleshed fruit, saline and lemony notes, Appoggiature envelops your palate throughout the tasting experience.

60% Chardonnay, 30% Meunier, 10% Pinot Noir
20% reserve wine


Blanc de Blancs

The meeting of two Champagne terroirs (Mancy and Vitry en Perthois) has shaped the originality of this Blanc de Blancs, with the complexity imposed by two styles of Chardonnay, developing on two different yet divinely complementary soils.

This lively Champagne Vibrato will, in turn, show you the frank, mineral side of Mancy, then turns into to the exotic, fatty side of Vitryat. Or the other way round.

The originality of this champagne lies in its ability to take you from one gustatory universe to another with every sip.

Blanc de blancs, 100% Chardonnay
Extra Brut

Cuvée Vibrato Champagne Blanc de Blancs Domaine B.Girardin
Cuvée Point d'Orgue 2012 Champagne Millésimé Domaine B.Girardin


Vintage 2012

The 2012 Point d'orgue suspends time, the time of a harvest, followed by long, constructive years.

Having accepted this period of ageing imposed by the typicity of a fine harvest year and the structure of this champagne, this fine vintage is at its peak.

With its subtle scents of cinnamon and bergamot, it reveals a fresh palate, gliding over notes of sweet spices and honey.

Vintage 2012
50% Pinot Noir, 50% Meunier
Brut nature (Zero dosage)


Vintage 2007

This is a cuvée that displays with panache the magic of a vintage champagne, embellished by the ageing time imposed by the Winemaker.

Fifteen years on the lath to bring you this champagne, structured by 40% pinot noir, deep and warm.

A wine that lovers of vintage champagnes will appreciate, that food and champagne enthusiasts will love to suggest, that nature lovers will love to enjoy after a good day out, in a perfect moment of relaxation.

Vintage 2012
50% Pinot Noir, 50% Meunier
Brut nature (Zero dosage)

Cuvée Point d'Orgue 2007 Champagne Millésimé Domaine B.Girardin
Coloratura Champagne Rosé Domaine B.Girardin


Champagne Rosé

The harvest was long and laborious because there were so many small bunches to pick, so we had to wait longer at the press before we could let the grapes macerate for six hours in the press, allowing the anthocyanins to be released and revealing the original colour of Champagne.

Born from the 2021 harvest and made from the Meunier grape variety from our oldest vines in Mancy, Coloratura reveals its colourful charm when served in flutes.

The nose and palate are in perfect harmony, releasing a multitude of red fruit aromas amidst a fine salinity.
Ease and elegance.

100% Meunier
Brut Nature



Sweet champagne

We're going to slow down the pace with this cuvée, an aesthete of forgotten champagnes, with a resolutely sweet dosage, curious and splendid at the same time, in this bluffing wine-liquor balance.

Dare to go beyond your preconceptions to discover a champagne that shines for its rarity and originality, timeless and unconventional.

It's a discovery that makes you realise what's at stake with a champagne that's excellently balanced, in perfect harmony with the structure of the wine, and expressly created to be served as a sweet wine.

And so deliciously perfect with a wide range of dishes.

70% Chardonnay, 30% Meunier



Cuvée Rubato Champagne Doux B.Girardin


Jérome Daguet

Excellent welcome, quiet tasting in the sunshine in a pleasant setting. With stories from a passionate winemaker! Do it again!

Jacques Chartier

A Champagne of excellent quality produced here.

A great experience!

Anne Rim

A very warm welcome for the tasting of these very good champagnes with musical names!

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